Amber – a logistics evolution


Amber – a logistics evolution

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You may know of Amber as a print company. Perhaps you’re aware too of our work in the digital sector. But now – following the traumas of Covid-19, as commerce and industry have adjusted and evolved, Amber has adjusted and evolved too.

A brave new Amber world

When in 2020, the pandemic put a virtual halt to our print management business, we weren’t idle. We didn’t sit on our laurels. We listened, we researched, and we acted. The result? A brave new Amber company emerging into a brave new Amber world.
Andrew, Lesley and the team are thrilled and delighted to announce the re-birth of our business. Please welcome … Amber – the fulfilment company – emerging confidently from the old world into a brave, new, post-pandemic world – serving industry and commerce with a fulfilment service that’s fast, secure and efficient.

Logistics and fulfilment -

satisfying a post-pandemic need

Our business profile may be new, but our values remain set in stone – or, if you like, set in amber. These are the values of every successful family business – values of hard work and an unrelenting focus on the needs of our customers.
In short, we care about our customers, and we care about our people. What’s more, as we’ve demonstrated in making these changes, we’re an agile company that listens to the needs of our clients and the needs of the market.

Evolution not revolution

The new Amber is very much a shift of emphasis. Prior to the pandemic, 80% of our work revolved around printed materials for the hospitality sector. Logistics was always a key part of this work –storage and distribution. In our new incarnation, we’ve simply adjusted our focus. Fulfilment is now the cornerstone of our offering.

Decades of fulfilment know-how

We’re already skilled and experienced in the field of warehousing, picking, packing, wrapping, boxing, and fulfilment. We already have online systems enabling 24/7 communications. We already partner with fantastic delivery partners. So the switch has been perfectly straightforward. People don’t want print as much as they used to. So, we’re giving them what they do want – fast, efficient and affordable fulfilment.

Shouldn’t we talk?

Here at Amber, we’re all set to go. We’re ready to greet the dawn of a new business world and we’re here to satisfy your every fulfilment need. Are you a small company looking to expand from operating out of your garage? Or perhaps you’re a larger business, and you want to outsource your fulfilment function. Either way, we’re Amber and we’re ready to help.

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