How well do you know your bleed from your Jogger


When it comes to the world of print and design there are many technical term that you may not be familiar with. So we have decided to make things easy for you and have put together a chronological list of the most commonly used words and their meanings. Some of the words you will recognise but possibly didn’t know what they actually mean.



Any changes that are made to the design after the copy has been sent to the design agency. Often referred to as AA: Author Alteration or CA: Customer Alteration.


Any printing that is taken to the edge of a sheet after it has been trimmed.


This is where a paper surface is smoothed by pressing it between rollers during the manufacturing stages.

Data Compression

A technique used to reduce the storage required to hold a digital file. This allows the file to be processed much quicker.


An abbreviation for the word Envelope.


The size, style, shape, and layout of any printed product.


The unit used to measure paper: grams per square metre.


This refers to a particular shade of colour such as purple or pink.


Printed pages that are loosely inserted into a printed magazine, book or pamphlet.


A machine that vibrates a slopping platform to even up large blocks of mass printed materials.

Kraft Paper

A strong and robust paper used in the production of grocery bags and large envelopes.


The amount of space between lines of type.


A reproduction of the required design containing a set of instructions.

Novelty Printing

The printing of logos or messages on products such as pens, usb sticks and battery chargers.


Where an image is printed over a previously printed image, such as printing type over a screen tint. This process is also sometimes referred to as surprint.

Parent Sheet

Any sheet of paper with a size larger than A3 11′ x 17′

Quick Print

This is a printing process using small sheet-fed presses, called duplicators, using cut sizes of bond and offset paper.


The sharpness of any image displayed on film, paper or screen.

Soy-based Ink

Environmentally friendly Printer inks that are made using vegetable oils instead of petroleum.


The final size of any printed material after it has been cut down.


Term to indicate multiple copies of one image printed in one impression on a single sheet. “Two up” or “three up” means printing the identical piece twice or three times on each sheet.

Virgin Paper

Paper that has been made out of tree or cotton pulp, and has not been recycled.

Woodfree Paper

Paper sheets that are produced from chemical pulp only. This type of paper is usually classified as calendered or supercalendered.


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