…a long game


You wave goodbye to your web designer. Sporting a big smile, he seems happy enough. So he should. After all, you’ve just handed over a wad of cash.

And you?

Well, you’ll be feeling chuffed with your all-singing, all-customer-clicking new website. All you need to do is sit back and wait for the orders to trundle in.

Or is it?

No road signs – no maps

But you know – we both know – there’s more to online marketing than owning a beautifully designed website. Imagine. You’ve just moved into the home of your dreams. Keen to show it off to friends and family, you  arrange a housewarming do. But in this parallel universe, there are no road signs and no maps. How many guests will manage to find you?

It’s the same with your website. Your pride and joy will be destined to wallow forlorn and unloved in the murky reaches of Google page 34,671 unless … you optimise it for SEO a.k.a Search Engine Optimisation. 

Impressing Google

To appear in the sunny uplands of the early Google pages, your website needs to be properly and professionally optimised. You need to  impress Google.

In the early days, SEO was easy. If bananas were your niche, all you had to do was scatter the word ‘bananas’ across every page, and that would do the trick. Today, thankfully, life is different.

Hitting Google’s sweet-spot

Google now applies a hundred or more parameters or ‘algorithms’ to help it  determine where each of your pages  deserves to rank. To hit Google’s sweet spot, you need to take two different, but equally critical, approaches. The first is a relatively simple tick-box exercise. 
The second, a strategic process – a constant nurturing.


SEO foundations

  • The fundamental cornerstone of everything you do in SEO – your keyword research. One primary keyword or phrase for each page. For this, you’ll almost certainly  need a professional. This should be the most valuable digital marketing investment you ever make.
  • Once you’ve established the primary keyword for each page, you need to make sure it appears –

– at the beginning of the title (that’s the name) of your page

–  in your page’s main heading (called an H1 heading)

–  in the first 100 characters of the opening words of your copy

–  in the Alternative (Alt) Description of each image(this is a description that sits ‘behind the scenes’ –  you web visitors can’t see it, but Google can)

– occasionally throughout the page – in your Call-To-Action, for example

These are just a few instances of SEO you need to get right from the start. You might be able to perform a few of these yourself. But there are many more, where you’ll need your SEO professional to help you out.


Your ongoing SEO strategy

  • Like a puppy, SEO isn’t just for Christmas.  Mastering stage 1 is only the start. Stage 2, like keeping fit, is a process you need to invest in for the long term. You need to satisfy Google that your website  is a living thing – organically developing, growing, becoming ever more the go-to ‘centre of excellence’ for the product or service that you’re providing. How do you achieve this? By ensuring that …

– once they’ve landed on your website, your visitors stay –following links from page to page, lingering on those that appeal to them.

– your website is so well designed, the copy so engaging, that your  visitors return – again and again.

–  you cultivate a raft of inbound links from relevant, qualitywebsites. Google tracks these and the more you  generate, the more he will love you!

–  you regularly add informative and relevant pages – blogs or articles that are meaningful for your visitors.

These pointers are the very basics of your SEO strategy. You may be able to carry out elements of this strategy yourself. Others – you’ll need specialist support. And this is where Amber Digital comes in!


We can execute a planned and proven approach to SEO. No minimum-term contact. Just a focused SEO strategy to give your website the best chance of reaching the Holy Grail – Google page one!

As digital marketing specialists, we know our SEO. We love to help – to lend a friendly ear. Just call for a chat.

We won’t sell. We’ll listen.

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