Why we make the perfect BFF


Once you start working with Amber, you will soon wonder how you ever managed before. Our expertise in advanced print knowledge span over 60 years and some of our clients have been working with us for more than 20 years. We really are a useful asset and an extra pair of skilled hands to your marketing and brand department. Our ability to build effective relationships make our customers feel like we are part of their team even though we work very much on a virtual basis. What we don’t know about the hospitality industry isn’t worth knowing, its second nature to us and our biggest passion.

We have the capability to handle complex projects that can sometimes take over six months to complete and involve precise project management skills. Our clients are a busy group of people and don’t have time to check if a task has been completed; they trust us 100% to deliver on our promise. In fact, we are the ones who are often owning actions on behalf of our clients, ensuring third parties are on track with their tasks. Experience has taught us that you always have to be one step ahead of everyone, particularly in the hospitality industry as it is so fast paced. This means it is down to us to be familiar with venue layouts and where various marketing materials have to be delivered and set up. We also need to be aware of property sizes, particularly when it comes to designing and printing banners and outdoor signage. Small signs for large properties will go unseen by customers and prospects and will, therefore, serve very little purpose.

Our Account Managers are easily accessible pretty much 24/7 giving our customers confidence that any last minute questions or queries are answered knowledgeably and efficiently. We even surprise ourselves at how quickly we can turn your print requests around.   Our state of the art industry leading cloud-based software allows our clients to access their job-related information 24/7 and furthermore, our clients can also manage their stock, create online templates and place orders with effortless ease What is not to like?

If you would like to discuss how we can assist you with your print requirements and become your BFF give us a call on 01908 500430. We look forward to hearing from you.